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Note on playing video: If you are having a problem downloading or playing a video, right click the link and select "save file as" or "download linked file" or other similar option and download the movie file to your computer. Allow it to fully download and then open with Quicktime.

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Technical Requirements

Which Browser?
You must use Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3 to download videos from our site.

Mac Users
Safari, the browser that comes bundled with Mac OS X, does not work to download our video files. We recommend Firefox, as Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer for Mac.

AOL Users
AOL blocks access to many adult sites, so you may have problems using it to access the site and download videos. Download a free copy of Firefox and use it to access the site.

Downloading Videos
Save the videos to your computer and watch them as many times as you like, rather than downloading off the site again and again. You can continue to watch the videos you have downloaded even if you cancel your membership or if they are taken off the site.

Download times will vary according to your connection speed (a minute or so with cable, up to 60 minutes or more with dial-up). To maximize quality, our video files are large — up to 100 MB. Save the video files to your desktop or another familiar location, so you can find the files later. Downloading duplicate videos to different locations on your computer may prevent the files from being played.

To download a video, click "Download" and select "Save to disk." Or, if you prefer, right-click (Ctrl-click for Mac) "Download" and select "Save link as" or "Save target as" and then select a location on your computer (like the Desktop) where you can easily find the file.

Playing Video
We use the MP4 video format. We recommend using the latest version of QuickTime or Real Player to play MP4 files. QuickTime is best. (These Are Free Downloads)

Windows Media Player, the player that is pre-installed on most machines using Microsoft software, does play MP4 files, but it can be tricky. If you prefer using WMP, make sure you have the latest version and that you have updated your Windows operating system with the updates needed to play MP4s. If you have problems, try QuickTime.

Still Having Problems?
Make sure you are not using AOL or Safari to access the site.

Slideshow: If you are experiencing problems with the slideshows, make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Furthermore, make sure your browser is Javascript Enabled as the slideshow runs on java. Here is a friendly article for various browsers entitled, "How do I enable Java in my web browser?

Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime or Real Player; some older versions will not play our videos.

Make sure you are opening videos with QuickTime or Real Player, not Windows Media Player: Right-click or Ctrl-click a video file, select "open with," then select QuickTime or Real Player. If you simply click the link and your default player is Windows Media Player, your computer will still attempt to open the file with WMP, even if you have downloaded a new player.

We have had some reports that Real Player will not play a file if you have downloaded it to two or more locations on your computer. If you are having problems with Real Player, delete or rename the duplicate video files or use QuickTime.

Received a "Blocked Account" message?
If you cannot access the site and you receive a message onscreen saying your account is blocked, wait five minutes and try again. Make sure you are using the right username and password. Enter your username and password exactly as you set them. Remember: your login and username are case sensitive, and don't include spaces. To prevent "brute-force" attacks by hackers, we use a service that temporarily blocks accounts after multiple failed login attempts.

• After 10 failed logins, you will be blocked for 5 minutes.
• After an additional 10 failed logins, you will be blocked for one hour.
• After an additional 10 failed logins, you will be blocked for 12 hours.

So, don't continue to try to log in with a username/password that doesn't work. Double-check your username/password. Re-enter both if the "remembered" username/password stored by your computer does not work. If you have ruled out human error (that's you!), go to customer service and contact PayCom (or ccBill) to reset your password.

1. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Safari or AOL, to access the site.
2. Save video files to your desktop or another familiar location.
3. Use Real Player or QuickTime, not Windows Media Player, to play videos.
4. Don't attempt to log in repeatedly with a non-working username/password. Double-check for typing errors.



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